Home Improvement Service Companies and Liability Issues

Home Improvement companies which service our needs as handymen are under the gun these days due to all the rules and regulations, permits and fines at all levels of government. In fact one recent franchise company which is basically a; Handy Man Service, sells franchises where a Franchisee would have himself as an owner operator or a crew of employees which would be dispatched to customers homes who call in for service.

Sounds like a great service and a great franchise right? Sure it is much needed but also consider that a Franchise System will want only legitimate operators who follow the rules of City, Country, State and Federal Government. That means if a Handy Man comes to your house to build a railing on your deck or fix the fence you are probably okay, but if you ask them to look at your sink while he is there forget it; as he most likely would not be a certified plumber too? Or if you wanted him to connect your new gas BBQ well he would not be certified for that either. He might be able to connect your garage door opener, but not if you wanted it hard wired to your house you see?

Unfortunately you can see the problems here with potential lawsuits, fines from city, permits and licenses too. Of course you can always call an illegal alien Handy Man who does not follow the rules to do all these things for you, but not an official company run by an American Citizen? America, I certainly hope you can understand what is happening here and appreciate how over regulation and over lawyering is killing American Small Businesses in every industry. Think on this in 2006.

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